Monday, 4 February 2013

Exam Project- Inside, Outside, In Between- Mind map

Mind map

Inside, Outside, In Between

The title of my exam project is 'Inside, Outside, In Between', I made a mind map using key words from my exam project and added my own ideas to it. On the left hand side of my mind map I have written the synonyms for each word in the title, this gave me a starting point to get my ideas from.
I plan to Take digital ideas of my initial ideas to give me an idea of how each one would turn out and help me to narrow my ideas down.
I was given five starting points to take pictures around. The starting point I have chosen to photograph is;
-The five senses
I plan to take portraits of people and then explore ways to edit the photographs to make it look like there skeleton/organs/veins are on the outside of their body.

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